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Problem Solvers in the Creative Industries

We are a UK-based technology development company with a global reach, focused on providing decentralised products and services on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Our vision is for an Internet that works in the interests of everyone and promotes equality of economic opportunity. Our mission is to be frontrunners in technological innovation, and we aim to inspire others to move towards an ethical and sustainable decentralised future for the Internet.

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IndigeNFT is a collaboration uniting indigenous communities through culture, art, technology and innovation.

Risidio Marketplace

Risidio Marketplace is a decentralised marketplace to buy and sell NFTs and digital collectibles on the Bitcoin blockchain using Stacks.


Bringing together all artworks, indigenous cultures and ideas. Creating an ecosystem of sustainable and impactful projects.

This Is Number One

This is Number One is a curated NFT marketplace on the Bitcoin blockchain featuring Chemical X, Cara Delevingne, Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewart and Orbital.


The People's Republic of Movies (PROM) is a virtual and decentralised ecosystem helping creatives to finance and launch their movie projects.


Risidio Ordinals help NFT projects launch their NFTs as Bitcoin Ordinals. #Back to Bitcoin

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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We have the network, skills and experience to grow a team from zero to production ready. Whether you need secondary or primary research to support a blockchain business plan or you’re ready for a full blown dev team we can help.


While blockchain opens the door to entirely new business cases it can also be a complex and daunting space. We can help sort the wheat from the chaff and navigate problems like scalability that will underpin the success of your endeavours.


It can be struggling to reach new customers and elevate your brand's position in the market. With our marketing team, we can provide custom marketing solutions to grow your business and promote your product globally.

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Creating Your Decentralised Future


The research team brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to uncovering new use cases and solving old problems in new ways.


Our solutions involve developing Clarity smart contracts for the Stacks network on the Bitcoin blockchain.


We've been building and developing software within the Web 3.0 community for over 3 years. We work to develop skills and aptitude within the crypto space and see this as our core strength.

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