Corporate Social Responsibility

For social and environmental good

CSR at Risidio


At Risidio, we are just as concerned for the environmental and social impacts of
our technology as we are for the technologies themselves.

Our CSR program, which is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development
Goals, allows us to rethink what innovation means by integrating sustainable and
environmental action into the crypto world.

We hope to go above and beyond what is expected of us as an organisation, by
enacting positive social and environmental change, as opposed to merely
neutralising our negative impacts.

We are also committed to meeting high standards of social responsibility as
demonstrated through our IndigeNFT project, the first stage in building the world’s
first authenticity driven indigenous NFT marketplace.

We Care

Sustainable Development Goals

Roadmap and Targets

EARTH DAY – APRIL 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022 marks the beginning of the rollout of our IndigeNFT Genesis collection. The theme for Earth Day 2022 (‘Invest in our Planet’) calls on business to build a more environmentally and socially conscious future for the Earth, a message strongly aligned with our own values.


Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of Risidio. Our governing ethos involves expanding our existing ecosystem of partners to establish an environmentally and socially conscious network.


To minimise our carbon footprint, we use Stacks’ Proof-of-Transfer (PoX) blockchain mining mechanism for Bitcoin in our NFT marketplace and support theSustainable Bitcoin Standard.

Risk Management

We've conducted and published research into a range of CSR projectsto highlight the fake indigenous art issue and how NFT technologies can support indigenous communities.

Our Values

For A Better Future

Risidio’s collaboration with IndigeNFT allows indigenous creators and other artists to access digital and NFT-based income streams.

NFT marketplaces allow creatives and communities around the globe to participate in art spaces equally.

Achieved using technology such as Stacks and through our support of the Sustainable Bitcoin Standard

Our carbon footprint is reduced through our use of Stacks and their PoX mining mechanism.

Our close partnerships with the Mirthquake Foundation and ReeFi help protect marine ecosystems.

Wildlife conservation is prioritised through our partnerships with organisations such as Project Ark and ImpactNFT Alliance